We provide 180-200 hours Japanese language course which can be completed in 4 months. This course includes letter (alphabetic) writing of HIRAGANA and KATAKANA, 1000 new Japanese vocabulary, Kanji and 25-30 lessons which prepares for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5, F level of J. Test, NAT- Test Level 5, Top-J Basic Level test that is conducted in Nepal and it is one of the requirement to study in Japan.

Program Details:

Course: Basic Japanese Language Course

Fee: Rs. 15,000 + Tax

Course Books: Minna no Nihongo Part I & II, Basic Kanji 500 & Sample Test Questions.

Duration: 180-200 hours (Sunday to Friday)

For more information, please visit our office personally or call us @ 01-4167542 for telephonic counseling or write an email: admission@nimaseducation.com