ICEF stands for International Consultants for Education and Fairs established in 1991 to spearhead the ICEF Workshop series, which invigorated and internationalised the agent workshop concept. Since their beginning, ICEF Workshops have brought together tens of thousands of institutions and agents from 140 countries. 

International student recruitment agencies play a vital role in the global mobility of students. However, the field is very complex and is always changing. High-quality professional development is an excellent way to distinguish your company as highly committed. Agencies 

with counsellors who have completed an ICEF training course are recognised by partners and peers as leaders in the industry. 

There are two types of ICEF Agent Training Courses:

Professional Courses that provide practical, professional training for agency-based international student recruitment counsellors, testing their knowledge of the industry, key destinations, fundamental skills and daily operations.

Destination Courses that support the professional development of agents wishing to specialise in a major study destination (Canada and the USA).

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