Short Term Vocational Trainings

It is not easy to get part time job while studying abroad. Most of the students feel that they are not getting jobs to cope with their studies as they have dreamt to do before they have applied or come to abroad. Whether it is USA or Australia or Europe or any developed countries, they require skilled man powers for the vacant post. So, it is good idea to do research about the country, city and job availability for international students. Mostly, international students can get part time jobs in hotels, restaurants, subways, department centers, factories etc. International students need to start their first jobs from very beginning or almost zero where they have to perform different skills and knowledge in their job

Therefore, we have started counseling session with part time job search session where we prepare them mentally to face the challenges, they will get while searching or doing jobs. In order to equip with skills and knowledge as well as outstanding preparation, we have done partnership with many highly reputed training centers in Nepal which will help them to adjust their lives while studying and doing part time jobs easily in foreign countries.

We recommend the following skilled trainings which is sellable in foreign countries.

  • Hotels & Restaurants Sector: Cookery, Coffee Making, Bartending, Waiter etc.
  • IT &  Computer Sector: Accounting, Graphic Design, Animation, Website Development etc.
  • Department Stores: Sales Associate, Cashier, Workers, Helper, Assistance etc.
  • Skilled Jobs: Plumber, Electrician, Painting, Driving etc.
  • Agriculture Sector: Fruit Picking, Gardner, Vegetable Picking etc.
  • Factory Sector: Packing, Operator, Technician, Helper etc.