Refund Policy

Refund Policy of NIMAS Education Abroad Study Fee:

  • Registration fee is non- refundable under any circumstances.
  • Counseling fee is refundable if the candidate withdraws within 3 days of registration.
  • Processing fee is non-refundable if the candidate withdraws from the course after issuing offer letter.
  • Documentation Guidance fee is non-refundable if the candidate withdraws from the course after getting acceptance letter
  • Service fee is non-refundable if the candidate is withdrawn the application completing admission process.

Refund of Tuition Fee of Education Provider:

This is not the fee of NIMAS Education.This fee is directly paid by the clients into Education Provider’s official account. Before paying tuition fee, the clients should read the refund policy of particular Education Providers. There is agreement between the clients and Education Providers. Therefore, NIMAS Education has no roles and responsibilities of Tuition Fee Payment. It is solely responsibilities of the clients and Education Providers.

In General,NIMAS Education can support for submitting refund application if the candidate request NIMAS Education to assist refund application itself within 30 (thirty) days of refusal date with the justifying documents, and the company will forward only tuition refund application to the University. The company is not liable of any refunds whatsoever the conditions comes into. Generally, university tuition fee refund will take 90 to 120 working days. Please see the concerned university refund policy before staring processing.

Refund Application Procedure:

In Case the visa application of the client is refused and no visa is granted to the client in genuine refusal cases only, University or College refunds only tuition fee to the client according to the University or College refund policy rules after receiving the following justifying documents.

  1. A written request with original signature and a completed Refund Application Form. The amount sought should allow for administration charges payable to the University or College.
  2. Originals of admission related documents issued by the university or college.
  3. Original of visa application rejection documents issued by the Embassy or Consulate General.
  4. Photocopies of all pages of the passport.
  5. A Refund Application Form or Request Letter Signed by the Clients

The service fee and tuition fee will not be refunded in the following conditions: If

  • Academic documents are found fake.
  • Bank Balance certificate and statement are found fake.
  • Income sources and property valuation are found fake.
  • Any other documents related to the candidates are fake or fraudulent.
  • the candidate withdraws from the course after getting acceptance letter.
  • the candidate is unable to attend the interview.
  • the candidate withdraws from the program after visa approval.
  • The embassy decides the candidate is not intending to study.
  • the candidate has any reasons whatsoever it may be such as medically unfit or any kinds of criminal activities.

Refunds of Test Preparation & Courses

The refund can be made if the student has justifying reasons with documents.

The standard mechanism for calculating fee refund is as follows:

  • Before Placement test and personal interview result 100% refund besides admission fee is non-refundable.
  • If the student withdraws from the course before at least 3 working days prior to the start date. Only 60% of course fee will be refunded.
  • If the student withdraws from the course after the course start date, only 20% fee will be refunded.
  • There will no refund after 7 days of course start date.

Refund Procedure:

The refund form shall be filled and send via email or please contact personally account department for refund or you can download refund application form or write an email:

The Company will not refund any fee paid by the Client after starting process and agreed for the payment whatsoever circumstances come into. The Client is not authorized legally to claim for the refund.


The company will not refund any fee if the client withdraws from the course in the middle of course or procedure of admission whatsoever circumstances. In that cases, the client should pay compensation to the company if found damage or loss for that.