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Dear students,
These days, preparation for entrance examinations for several competitive exams such as MBBS, B.Sc. Nursing, BPH, B. Pharmacy, BMLT, staff

Nurse/H.A, engineering and GMAT have been found to be rather difficult and challenging too. In the absence of good institutes, students are getting baffled. No doubt, there are a good many institutes in the market but none caters a comprehensive knowledge and a precise idea. Rather some institutes push the students into the quagmire fake and false information. Keeping this very fact in mind, NIMAS Education has been established with a motto to help students in a student-friendly way.

The institute is unique in all respects and creates its own standard. The institute offers entrance preparation courses for MBBS, B.Sc. Nursing, BPH, B. Pharmacy, BMLT, staff Nurse/H.A and advanced science course. The professional charm in health sector is always rising across the globe and will persist for several coming years. Social prestige, financial security and rewarding job have been the cornerstones for making health professional as a global manpower. Don’t you think that the glimpse of hopes for life that you see when your patient gets well

Besides teaching, we provide career counseling services for medical doctors, nurses, engineers and other professionals. We have tied up with highly ranked institutions and universities around the globe delivering the world’s best sought- after programs.

Dear aspirants have full faith and confidence in your ability and never quit of what you want to be. This is because, winners never quit and quitters never win. And always bear in mind that patience and hardworking are must to sharpen anyone’s potentiality.

Dr. Lekhanath Baral
MD ( Radiology, KU) 

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