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I am glad to see you surfing our website to get more information regarding your career. Yes. Of course, you have come to the right place for the right information. We, at NIMAS Education offers Medical, Paramedical,
Engineering, Nursing & Management preparatory courses as well as consulting services for your right career. Choosing a right course is not so difficult rather than finding the right place for career guidance.

Sometimes, you feel confusion in selecting the right path finder, your slight mistake or wrong selection will lead you to the darkness of your future. I always advice our students & visitors to do the first- research yourself about your choice, career plan and your advisor. I also strongly recommend you that NIMAS Education can be your first and the best choice for your life long career path finder in directing you in the right way and giving you genuine information to set up your career and dream.

Spoiling your dream means breaking into your parents and family hopes. I believe that a man can survive without eyes but a man without hopes is like a dead body. So, we always support you to fulfill your dreams. Your dream is our dream. We care you, respect your time and value your money professionally.

Hope you will visit us for your services and give us a chance to serve you in a better way.

Thanks for your time and looking forward to visiting us for your services.

Mrs. Gita Rijal
Managing Director 

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