Admission Policy

Company has set up its own standard procedure for admission in abroad study and classroom teaching programs. If you wish to take any kinds of services, you should follow the rules and regulations of the company in order to enroll and be part of the company.

Abroad Study Policy:

The Abroad Study Policy is made to make the processing simpler, transparent and reliable. The main purposes of the Abroad Study Policy is to provide genuine information to the clients and receive authentic documents from the clients. The authenticity of the documents is the sole responsibility of the clients. The company reserves the rights to report the concerned authorities or Police to take legal action upon the clients if the documents are found fake or falsified or doubts on its authenticity. The damages caused by such unlawful documents or clients’ activities should be fulfilled by the clients or as per the law of Nepal Government. Therefore, the company does the written agreements with the clients such as Admission Form, Document Submission Agreement, Payment Agreement and Contract of Study.

Required Documents:

  1. Application Form Fill Up or Apply Online
  2. Passport ( Must be at least 1 Year Valid)
  3. Provide Your Academic Documents ( Verified by concerned education board, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  4. Passport Sized Photo
  5. Citizenship
  6. Two Recommendation Letters
  7. Updated CV
  8. Motivation Letter
  9. Work Experience ( If you have gap)

Required Fee Agreement Between The Company The Clients

Language Requirement:

  1. You must have English language requirement like IELTS: 6.0 / TOEFL: 70 or above or other equivalent English test.
  2. You must have SAT/ GRE / GMAT score for scholarship.
  3. You may require other language like German A1 or NAT 5 etc.

Finance & Bank:

  1. Show Personal or your sponsor bank certificate and statement of last six months or educational loan that you have enough funds to cover your living cost and study expenses during your study period in the country.
  2. Show your sponsor income source like last six months salary slip, business transaction etc.
  3. Show property valuation of you or your sponsor that can cover your cost.

Health Requirement:

  1. You must be healthy and show health clearance certificates like X-ray, urine test, stool test, blood test etc.
  2. You must have travel medical insurance to cover you during your stay in foreign country.

Legal Documents Requirement:

  1. Birth Certificate of you, your spouse and children
  2. Relationship certificate with you, your sponsors and family members.
  3. Marriage Certificate if you are married.

General Documents:

  1. Air Tickets confirmation.
  2. Accommodation booking confirmation.
  3. Air port pick up confirmation.
  4. University/ College admission confirmation.



All required documents should be genuine and original and must be submitted by the client. If the documents are found fake or false, the client should be responsible for legal action or any damage. The company only provides counseling services for abroad study program.


Course Policy:

It is a mandatory to take one of the following test or more to study in abroad. It depends on the courses and universities you are applying. To be eligible as a prospective student in our courses, you have to follow the following enrollment procedures.


Step 1

You must meet admission team personally in office or chat on phone regarding course information. When you are satisfied, please fill out application form or submit online application from

Step 2

After receiving your complete application form along with your documents, the admission team will contact you for placement test and personal interview. For detail information about placement test and personal interview, please contact Admission Department or write an email:

Step 3

After approval of selection for the course, you are instructed to deposit required fee (Please note that we do not accept cheques, only cash) in the Account Department. You can obtain course detail, study materials and name of your instructor.

Step 4

Admission Team let you know your class and time with terms and conditions. Please read carefully and sign the contract before you start the course.

If you need any kinds of course information, please contact admission team or write an email: