Accommodation Arrangement

While studying in abroad, accommodation is important part of settlement of the students. We support our clients to find the suitable accommodation in best price in prime location. Generally, there are three types of accommodation available: Home Stay, Hostel and Private Apartment or Flat. Home stay will be suitable for those who are interested in living with local residence around the university location. The main benefit of staying with family is to improve language and feel comfortable in settling. In this regard, there will be separate bedroom and family will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Living in Hostel or dormitory is also beneficial because there will be only students with similar ages from different background. You can dine your food in common place together if you do not like cooking yourself. You can share room with similar mates. Most of hostel is inside the university and there is a just few minute walking distance.

Another option is to rent a private apartment or flat if you do not like staying in group and eating common food in common area. It might be a bit more expensive than any other options. But you can enjoy your privacy and your own cooked typical food. You can also enjoy all your stuffs in your room.

In order to book hostel or accommodation, the client needs to book in advance and pay required fee at time of book. The cost of accommodation entirely depends on facilities you want, location and number of room-mates you are staying with. Before booking, you should fill up Accommodation Application Form to ensure your booking confirmation and type of facilities you want. For further details, please contact us at office via phone: +977-01-4167542